We are proud to be an open, inclusive, diverse church school, where children are encouraged to shine brightly and stand out so they can learn, grow and love.

Rowde aims to provide a challenging, yet nurturing, environment based on our Christian Values.  It is our responsibility as a Church of England school to provide the children with the building blocks of the Christian faith through the means of worship, prayer and familiarity with Scripture. Our children are challenged to think for themselves about the big questions that face the world today, within an environment which is accepting of other faiths and cultures.

We nurture and celebrate each person within our school family; individuals are respected and valued equally without regard to ability, gender, faith, heritage or race. Here at Rowde, spirituality is where we 'grow the soul'. It is woven like a thread through our school enriching who we are. 

By creating meaningful moments, we aim to transform thoughts, actions and heighten awareness. Through providing an exciting, engaging and thought provoking curriculum we encourage children to explore, ask questions, reflect and grow as unique individuals. We want our pupils to leave Rowde being knowledgeable, prepared and enthused - shining brightly in their communities. 

You can see some of the planned experiences to develop children's spirituality (though it is much more than what's planned) in our personal development mapping:

Personal development mapping