British Values and Equalities

The Department for Education has published guidance to schools on promoting British values to prepare young people for life in modern Britain. This is at the heart of what we teach at Rowde C of E Primary Academy. We teach and support the fundamental British values of: 

  • Democracy 
  • The rule of law 
  • Individual liberty 
  • Mutual respect and tolerance  

These values are embedded throughout our curriculum, our Worship and daily school life - they are central to our Personal Development offer.

We live these values everyday – we have rules and ‘We Are Rowde’ to keep us safe and learning, we choose our Value Champions and student leaders democratically, we respect each other’s views and beliefs and treat everyone equally and kindly as part of the Rowde community.  

We talk about these values every day, sometimes as part of our PHSE or RE lessons, and often as part of Collective Worship as well as in other subjects.  

We use the Jigsaw PSHE scheme which also specifically promotes the fundamental British values. Jigsaw contributes, as a good PSHE programme should, to the British Values agenda very significantly, both through the direct teaching of information and through the experiential learning children will enjoy.

The strands of the British Values agenda have been mapped across every Puzzle and every Piece (lesson) which you can see below.

British Values in Jigsaw

British Values at Rowde


As well as the British Values, and our Rowde Values, we are committed to Equalities Education. We work to ensure that our children understand that:

  • Everyone is included – we show love, acceptance and tolerance to all
  • Everyone is different
  • We celebrate our differences
  • We are all equal in our differences

The Equality Act became law in 2010. It covers everyone in Britain and protects people from discrimination, harassment and victimisation - everyone in Britain is protected. This is because the Equality Act protects people against discrimination because of the protected characteristics that we all have. Under the Equality Act, there are nine Protected Characteristics: 

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Marriage or civil partnership
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy and maternity

At Rowde, we teach and promote these in our curriculum and embed them into our ethos and Rowde way. Our vision and six Christian values, enable us to ensure children understand and show the love, acceptance and tolerance to all we expect. That we are all divinely created and eternally loved.

You read about our approach to the Protected Characteristics in the document below and on our Personal Development page.

Protected Characteristics at Rowde