Communication and Emergency Closure

As a school, we use Seesaw to help communicate with our parents and as a way to set and review home learning. For any key communication, we send out notifications which, as long as the App is downloaded onto your mobile device, you should receive instantly. If you cannot use Seesaw, or would prefer alternate means of communication (i.e. phone calls) then please contact the school office.

What is Seesaw? 

Seesaw is a multimedia journal that empowers students to showcase what they’re learning at school. Throughout the school year, Seesaw builds an organised, digital portfolio of each student’s learning, accessible by teacher, student and parent.

Seesaw also keeps parents informed by giving them a real-time, personalised glimpse into their child’s school day, via automatic iOS or Android app notifications, text message or email.

Videos to support using Seesaw

Bad Weather Provision

In the event of bad weather, we will do the following:

  • Communicate the decision by Seesaw
  • Communicate the decision on Twitter
  • Communicate the decision on the school website

Decisions to close the school will be made by taking into consideration the safety of both pupils and staff, once they arrive at school and their journey to get there.

Copies of the Head Teacher’s weekly letter to parents will appear on the website, alongside other whole-school communications and information. 

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