At Rowde we strive for all children to become fluent in the fundamentals of Computing which will develop their confidence when interacting with technology in the real world beyond the school curriculum.  Our vision is to support children in becoming creative, independent learners and ensure they develop a healthy relationship with technology. At Rowde, we value and recognise the contribution that technology can make for the benefit of all pupils, staff, parents, governors and society. We strive to provide safe opportunities in computing to motivate, inspire and raise standards across the curriculum. We aim for everyone in our school community to be equipped with the digital skills to meet developing technology with confidence, enthusiasm and to prepare them for a future in an ever-changing world.

Children are taught to understand that technology is an integral part of modern life and the key to the future is to harness and understand technology’s potential. Computing is a constantly evolving subject that involves solving complex problems, being able to collaborate with others, learn from mistakes and refine solutions.


At Rowde, the requirements of the Computing curriculum are taught through units of work, where the children have access to their own computer/laptop or iPad. The curriculum is carefully mapped out to ensure that pupils acquire knowledge, vocabulary and skills in a well-thought out and progressive manner. Within our Computing curriculum the knowledge, skills and vocabulary for each year group and is progressive from year to year. New learning is based upon what has been taught before and prepares children for what they will learn next. Every unit has a clear end point and an end product which children work towards on their learning journey.


In our Computing curriculum, the children revisit each objective several times, via different themes helping to ensure the best results are achieved. There are grids to support the monitoring of children’s learning expectations.

At Rowde, we encourage discussions between staff and pupils to help the children best understand their progress and their next steps. We also encourage pupils to document their own learning in pupil journals. These journals can also be used to showcase and celebrate computing work as well as providing evidence of the pupil’s knowledge and digital skills. 

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