Phonics supports children in both reading and writing. At Rowde, we consider phonics to be a fundamental early building block for all children, and essential for their later progress.


Phonics is taught in EYFS and KS1. At Rowde teachers use Letters and Sounds as our dedicated phonics programme. Details can be found at

Phonics is taught in twice daily sessions and assessed throughout the year, recorded regularly on our phonics trackers. The national expectation is that children reach Phase 3 in EYFS, Phase 5 in year one and Phase 6 in year two. Phonics continues into KS2 when necessary both through whole class, group and individual interventions. In year one phonics is tested using the National Year One Phonics Screening Check. This is administered in June with a mock Phonics Screening Check done in February. If children do not pass the check in year one it is retaken in year two.

Rowde is now working with Ramsbury Hub to ensure that our Phonics programme is as effective as it can be. During 2021 and 2022, we are working closely with them to train all staff throughout the school in the delivery of Letters and Sounds, and to restock every classroom in EY/KS1 with dedicated Letters and Sounds books.

As a result of national lockdowns, we now have a library of pre-recorded phonics lessons which parents can access via the class teacher to support their children at home. Enquiries regarding our phonics provision should be made to the class teacher or our English and Literacy Lead Teacher: Miss Simpson on