We want our children to be curious about the world they inhabit, both spiritually and environmentally, and gain the information and skills required to help them better understand and explore it. The children will learn about different aspects of both human and physical geography, and develop skills to help them interpret the world around them, such as map reading. They will leave Rowde better able to understand their world, its people, and how it is evolving. At Rowde, we believe that an appreciation for our world is essential to the development of a sense of guardianship for it, and to our respect for it and all its inhabitants. Geography is key to our message of Learn – Grow – Love.


Geography is taught from Early Years (as Understanding the World) through to Year 6. Throughout this time, the children will learn new skills and knowledge, as well as further developing their understanding about what they already know. They will look closely at their own local area, and be able to compare it to different places, evaluating the similarities and differences they see. Geography has a dedicated allocation on each Year Group’s timetable, alternated with History in termly blocks which allow for deeper study. You can find more information in the documents below.


Children at Rowde will leave the school equipped with both the skills and knowledge required to access both physical and human geography at Key Stage 3. They will also be able to better understand the diversity of their planet and be fuelled with a desire to explore more of it.

Geography Policy

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Geographical Big Ideas - Key Concepts and Progression