Our Church

St matthews rowdeRowde Primary Academy and the Church of St Matthew's, Rowde, have deep connections which reflect the history of the school as a key part of the village. Now we are able to, we are going back to the church as a whole academy for worships at Harvest, Christmas, Easter and for the Leavers’ service at the end of the year. The church presents Y6 leavers with a Scripture Union book. Members of the church often volunteer at school, serve as foundation governors and the Open the Book team presents Bible stories twice a month, with children acting the main characters.

The rector works closely with the academy to promote Christian values and ethos, and also leads collective worship. The church and rector were instrumental, and worked with us, to choose our visionof 'Learn-Grow-Love', which is underpinned by Jesus’ mustard seed parable: from the smallest seeds grow the greatest shrubs (Mt13v31-32). Valuing our community, together, we embody our vision with support of the church: “With God’s guidance; sowing the seeds of success; nurturing and inspiring pupils and adults to flourish."