Vision and Values

Learn - Grow - Love 

One community 
Learning and growing together 
Sharing the love of God 

At Rowde, our vision is to develop happy young people with enquiring minds, a spirit of curiosity, love and respect for themselves, others and the environment so that they will have the skills, resilience and adaptability to thrive in a rapidly changing world. 

Our Rowde school's Christian ethos, 'Learn-Grow-Love', is underpinned by Jesus’ mustard seed parable: from the smallest seeds grow the greatest shrubs (Mt13v31-32). Valuing our community, together, we embody our vision: “With God’s guidance; sowing the seeds of success; nurturing and inspiring pupils and adults to flourish."

Just like the mustard tree flourishes and grows to hold a valuable position in the garden, we want to see every pupil flourish in their learning, their relationships with others and their personal growth. We aim to give our pupils the best start, preparing them for their secondary education and their role in modern British society. 

While the mustard seed is tiny, with soil, water, air and sunlight it grows, becomes strong and attracts the birds to rest among its branches. We believe that all of our pupils have the potential to do well, to succeed in their learning and to become a valued member of society, regardless of their starting point. At Rowde C of E Primary Academy, every member of our school community is valued and cherished; both as an individual and for the contribution they make to the school body. 

Acorn Education Trust Vision and Values

As a valued part of the Acorn Education Trust, we are supported by the Senior Executive team to develop our own strong, individual Christian vision, values and identity. We receive termly visits, attend meetings and have frequent training on improving and developing ourselves as a Church School. 

The vision and values of the Trust itself is focused on one core mission: 'Preparing young people for their world in their time.' Acorn Education Trust ensure that every Acorn school thrives, ensuring the foundations of excellence, which you can see below, are evident in all that they do. These foundations are the roots of the Trust and align well with our Rowde values. Both at Rowde and the Trust, we recognise the importance active and visual leadership, opportunities for all and putting the needs of our staff, pupils and community first. 

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Acorn Education Trust Vision and Values