Home Learning

We do Home Learning because: 

  • It helps us to build our knowledge, skills and confidence 

  • It helps us to become independent learners ready for secondary school 

You will get your Home Learning every Friday from your teacher, and it will also be sent home on SeeSaw so that your parents and carers can support you in doing it. 

Your teacher will tell you when your work is due each week but it will usually be the following Wednesday. 


Mr E-B’s Top Tips for Home Learning: 
  • Don’t leave it until the night before it is due 

  • If you get stuck, speak to your teacher, don’t just give up! 

  • Try to find a quiet place to work in when you do it, so that you can concentrate 

  • Do your homework in ‘chunks’ of 15-20 minutes, with short breaks in-between 

  • Water and healthy snacks will help you to concentrate, music and TV won’t! 

There are lots of helpful websites if you want to research things or find answers. Some of them are below, but they change a lot and your teacher can suggest others: